Our vision for the flagship sail of the KA Sail performance range was quite simple: create a sail that allows any serious racer to reach his or her full potential!



Our vision for the flagship sail of the KA Sail performance range was quite simple: create a sail that allows any serious racer to reach his or her full potential!


To achieve this vision, we are consequently continuously developing, testing, tuning and refining these sails. The Race sail is constantly under development and is examined every time we do a production build. For 2018 the focus has been on weight reduction and improved batten rotation.


The KA.Race set-up, with its 8 carbon/composite battens and 4 cambers, is a full-blooded professional race sail created solely to win. Bred to win!


A powerful lower foil provides huge power and acceleration, while the slippery upper profile minimises drag, delivering limitless top end speed.


The relatively high foil tension in the KA.RACE teamed with the carbon/composite battens and 4 cambers enables draft stability levels that should really be experienced to be believed! The result is a lighter and softer feel with a bit less pull from up-high, which makes the sail easier to lock down especially in rougher water.


Rather than making massive radical changes to the KA.RACE for 2018, we have improved on the highly successful 2017 design by means of multiple small tweaks and changes, that all combined push the performance level even higher. We had a good look at the panel lay-outs and internal reinforcements. Also, we examined engineering and materials and made some changes to reduce weight. The SDM cambers were further modified to improve rotation and we enhanced the batten materials. Furthermore, we added some minor seam shape adjustments to improve tension.


Extra hi-tech materials in the upper luff sleeve area of the KA.RACE have impacted the mast bend and leech twist for a lighter feel, enhanced acceleration, speed and stability. We added luff round in the lower foil which has improved stability. The increased luff curve provides a fuller profile in the lower section of the sail, which has greatly improved its low-end sailing and end speed.


A notable feature of the KA.Race is the hi-tech 2mil tri-axial laminate in the upper leech and foot panel. This reduces the sail’s overall weight and assists control by reducing the swing weight and softening the ergonomics, especially noticeably in rough conditions.


New for 2018 is that KA.RACE sizes 5.5 and 6.3 come with both SDM and RDM cambers; sizes 7.1 and up are supplied with only SDM cams. RDM replacement sets are available on request.


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Size Luff Boom Mast Head Weight
5.5 410 176 400/19 Fixed TBA
6.3 437 191 430/21 Fixed TBA
7.1 466 205 460/25 Fixed TBA
7.9 486 219 460/25 Fixed TBA
8.7 508 229 490/29 Fixed TBA
9.4 526 239 520/33 Fixed TBA
9.7 537 245 520/33 Fixed TBA


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Regular Price: €699.00

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