Speed, Power and Control… These were the key words to describe the focus of the design team when framing up this wave weapon, the 2015 KA Killer!




The Killer is KA Sail’s five batten wave sail offering. The five battens maximize stability and wind range, allowing you to commit your focus 100% to riding the wave.The 2015 edition is lighter than that of 2014, with more refined placement of materials to reduce swing weight, in particular thanks to the use of more hi-tech 2 mil tri-axial laminate in the upper portion of the sail. You will also notice a tweak to the leech outline reducing excess material in the head of the sail.

With 2 constructions offered, the blue and yellow colour combination will come with a Monofilm window. This improves vision when sailing DTL and looking into the setting sun when you’re the last one out there on the water scoring just one more wave. The orange and white colour combination comes in a bomb proof 100% X-ply construction.


For 2015, the team was focused on developing the feel of the sail and to make it an extension of your style. We reworked refinements to the luff curve by increasing the curve near the boom to help the sail fill out. Seam shaping on batten three was adjusted to increase the wind range and assist you when gouging those hard cutbacks off the top.

In 2015, the Killer has become even more lethal. There is more shape in the front of the sail delivering the power you crave, however with a subtle softness you will not easily forget. You will notice the sail’s ergonomics are perfectly balanced, allowing you to drive down the wave with speed to burn. Engaging fully committed into rail-to-rail turns becomes child’s play. Turn, smack, gouge, repeat…


Don’t be fooled into thinking we have sacrificed strength to gain weight savings. This myth has well and truly been busted. We actually gave the research and development team strict orders to try and destroy one of the prototypes. They took it to some of Western Australia’s heaviest reef and shore breaks and put themselves right in the impact zone. The only thing that came out broken was their ego… This sail can take the heavy hits!

If you are looking for a great all-round wave sail to use in a range of conditions then look no further.

The 2015 Killer is an awesome wave weapon that will respond to everything you can throw at it!

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Size Luff Boom Mast Head
3.3 335 141 340/15 Adjustable
3.7 371 148 370/17 Adjustable
4.2 388 159 370/17 Adjustable
4.7 406 167 400/19 Fixed
5.0 415 170 400/19 Fixed
5.3 426 175 400/19 Fixed
5.6 442 179 430/21 Fixed
6.2 460 186 430/21 Fixed

Killer 2015

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