The KONCEPT is still considered to be KA Sail’s signature sail. This sail has both impressed and brought huge smiles to speed freaks around the world for many years now!



The KONCEPT is still considered to be KA Sail’s signature sail. This sail has both impressed and brought huge smiles to speed freaks around the world for many years now!


We could easily go on and on about the records this sail has already broken on multiple occasions... However, we would much rather keep it simple and explain its virtues...


It’s all about the right combination! The KONCEPT combines the blistering top speed and acceleration of a full-blooded race sail with the user friendliness of a freeride sail.


Thanks to the lightweight ergonomics of the KONCEPT, you will hardly know it’s there when you are blasting down your local speed strip and setting new personal speed records. With the 3 cam set-up, the KONCEPT offers the perfect balance and stability you would certainly expect from a super high performance race sail without it becoming a monster, that only giants can hang on to.


This is all achieved by a combination of reasonably high foil tension, 3 cams, 7 carbon composite battens and a moderately wide luff sleeve in super lightweight hi-tech 2 mil tri-axial X-ply.


The 2017 Koncepts were working so well already, we had difficulty finding much we could improve upon in this sail. However, we did make some minor changes which proved very worthwhile in testing.

For 2018, sizes 6.2 and down gained a little more seam shaping at battens 5 and 6 to improve drive and bottom end power. Furthermore, twist was increased at batten 4 to improve top end, internal reinforcements were added, engineering and materials were further examined and some changes were made to reduce weight. We have also modified the SDM cambers to improve rotation and have enhanced the batten materials.


We have used extra hi-tech 2 mil tri-axial laminate to the upper leech area which reduces swing weight, enhancing the lightweight ergonomics of the sail. The addition of extra luff round and seam shaping in the lower foil of the KONCEPT will create a more locked-in feeling and a more balanced sail.


KONCEPT sizes 4.2 to 6.2 are optimised for speed sailing with more shape in the lower foil, while the 6.6 to 9.5 are more Slalom oriented and faster cross wind.


KONCEPT sizes 5.4 up to 9.5 are delivered with standard SDM cambers; sizes 5.0 and down are supplied with RDM cams. A replacement set is available to make the switch between SDM and RDM.


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4.2 365 159 340/15 Fixed TBA
4.6 380 166 370/17 Fixed TBA
5.0 395 173 370/17 Fixed TBA
5.4 409 180 400/19 Fixed TBA
5.8 423 186 400/19 Fixed TBA
6.2 435 193 430/21 Fixed TBA
6.6 449 199 430/21 Fixed TBA
7.0 461 205 430/21 Fixed TBA
7.5 474 213 460/25 Fixed TBA
8.5 497 220 490/29 Fixed TBA
9.5 526 242 520/33 Fixed TBA


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